Learn About CBD

What exactly is CBD?

Cannabidoil (CBD) is a chemical compound from the cannabinoid family that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant. Scientists have isolated over 100 different types of cannabidoids in cannabis.

THC is the best known due to its psychoactive properties; that’s what gives you the “high” sensation. CBD, on the other hand, gives you the therapeutic benefits without feeling the psychoactive effect.

This compound interacts with our body through the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is the system that regulates the body’s natural homeostasis moods, sleep, pain, immune function, amongst many other functions. CBD does not alter the functions of the ECS, but rather it enhances the productiveness of the system; which gives the desired effects.

The endocannabinoid receptors affect many parts of our body:

  • Muscles
  • Skin
  • Gut 
  • Spleen
  • Liver
  • Heart
  • Kidneys
  • Bones
  • Blood vessels
  • Lymph cells
  • Reproductive organs

The Power of CBD

Inside all of us are endocannabinoid receptors. These special parts of our biological system that work within the superhighway of our central nervous system. CB1 and CBD2 receptors throughout the body stimulate the endocannabinoid system, which promotes homeostasis, and then does something awesome: it reduces pain and decreases inflammation. Whatever way you take CBD, the health effects are incredible whether it’s topically for skin and connective tissue problems, or orally via a gummy or dropper. 


Suzy Q

Suzy Q is a rare evenly balanced hybrid (50% Indica/50% Sativa) strain with unknown parentage due to an extremely high level of breeder secrecy. Suzy Q’s genetics are kept proprietary by its creator Burning Bush Nurseries.

Suzy Q is a high-CBD, low-THC strain that is heavy in B-Myrcene. B-Myrcene is described as having an earthy, fruity clove-like odor. SQ also contains B-Caryophyllene which has a spicy odor.

Suzy Q also contains a-pinene which gives a piney taste that helps treat symptoms with little to no euphoric high.
Suzy Q is considered to be one of the best medicinal strains on the market, with its CBD levels averaging 15% and THC levels falling below the 0.3% mark.

Because of its potent CBD and almost nonexistent THC, the effects of Suzy Q are incredibly mellow, offering a subtle lift of spirits and a slight infusion of energy that almost goes unnoticed.

The high is deeply relaxing and infuses both mind and body with a sense of calm as all mental and physical pains are easily washed away for hours on end.

This hybrid is great for daytime use or by those who want to relieve chronic pain, nausea, arthritis, muscle spasms, and anxiety without intoxicating effects.