500mg Full Spectrum CBD Drops for PETS


Give your best friend a healthier lifestyle! They will enjoy this fully packed 500mg CBD drops!

Basic dosing rule for cats and dogs would be about 1-4 drop of CBD for every 10lbs of body weight, depending on the level of severity. See chart below:

<10lbs. 1-4 drops

<30lbs. 3-13 drops

<50lbs. 5-23 drops

<70lbs. 7-33 drops

Just like us, we’re all different! So start off small and slowly move up the dropper until you start to notice a difference. YOU know your pet the best.


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For best results, apply directly to the mouth. They will get the most out of their CBD if you can get it into their joules or if they can lick it off the back of your hand rather than food. You will find yourself giving 2-3 times the dose on food. When we digest food it breaks apart and we will not get the full benefit. When all else fails try putting it on a treat or peanut butter! For a healthier option, try our New Sun Butter!

This hemp-based CBD product contains No THC or less than .3% THC.

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